Date: Tue, 21 Dec 1999

Dear Godt Family,

now I'm sending You the second newsletter about the Godt homepage. Many thanks for the reactions to my letter from some of You.

Today I want to tell You that I have added the History book of Earl Wayne II about nearly all branches of our family. I hope it will be very interesting for You.

This book ist divided in more than 150 single HTML files to reduce the loading time of each single document. I have started to link the pages together. In the moment You may come from one generation to the next and back. The next work is, to make links from each name in the index to the corresponding page, but this will need many more time. So I hope, it is okay for the moment.

If someone wants to read all this pages offline, I may send him a zipped file with the whole directory of the homepage, which has about 4 MB in the moment and is growing.

If You for Your part have more documents to publish here, please send them to me ( if possible in HTML ) or give me the URL where You have put it, so I may put a link to it.

In the last days I got back some of my emails because of wrong or cancelled addresses.

These are:

This addresses could not be reached: Please tell me, if this addresses have mistakes, if they are cancelled

or if You do have other addresses of these relatives.
"Bob Godt" <bgodt(at)>,
"Carol Godt" <carol_godt(at)>,
"Chris Godt" <100333.112(at)>,
"Dieter H. Godt" <102475.2247(at)>,
"Earl Godt" <mfiewg(at)>,
"Gladys Godt" <96K17(at)>,
"Gladys Godt" <godt(at)>,
"Jonathan Godt" <jwgodt(at)>,
"Jonathan William Godt" <jwgodt(at)>,
"Karsk Er Godt" <karsk_er_godt(at)>,
"Lois Marie Winchell" <Lmwinch2(at)>,
"Mathias Godt" <thies(at)>,
"Miguel Elusener Godt" <101377.1005(at)>,
"Paul Evan Godt" <EvanEGodt(at)>,
"Paul J Godt" <100616.3320(at)>,
"Sean Cavanugh" <rrbc(at)>,
"sue and gang" <radodt(at)>,

From Irving Godt I got a reply, that he does not belong to our family. His ancestors are coming from the austrian-hungarian area and their former name was God. On Alice Island immigration office the officer added the "t" to the family. Irving wants me to tell the others, that he oftenly got mails from our family, but because he does not belong to us, he is asking us, not to provide him with mails any longer.

"Irving Godt" <tbkb(at)> please annulate this address!!!!

>From Siise Godt I got the addresses from her father and sister:

"Christian Godt" <chrisgodt(at)>

"Ditte Godt"< ilim92(at)>

In our guestbook I found the address from Johannes from Kiel, Schleswig-Holstein:
"Johannes Godt" <spears(at)> Please add!

I wish You very much intersting time with the new informations on our homepage

Merry Christmas