16th December 1999

Dear members of the Godt Family,

may I introduce myself? Some of You already know me a bit, but for the others I will tell more about me.

For the members, which don’t have english as their mother language, I ask for pardon, that I write this message and most of the homepage texts in english. I think, although our roots are in Danmark and Germany most of the family members are able to understand this documents. If some have problems, with this, please contact me.

My name is Hans-Juergen Godt, I’m 42 years old ( born January 22nd, 1957 ) and I’m living in Germany in village about 70 Kilometers east of Hannover and 220 Kilometers west of Berlin. I’m an electrical Engenier.

My father is Peter Karl Godt ( born September 11th, 1923 ) and my grandfather is Hans-Juergen Godt ( died 1965 ).

I’m interested in the history of the Godt family. The reason is, that my grandfather started collecting the informations about our family about 50 years ago.

Then he wrote down the informations, he found, in a book, which is called the "Green book" in the Godt history. Since my father retired from his profession as a teacher, he took up the work of his father and started the actualise the informations, his father found. By doing this he found others, involved in the same work, for example Earl Wayne Godt II and ..... who to spend many time to find out how all Godts belong together.

Now I got this virus, too and I inscribed an Internet address with the name www.Godt.de.

This page shall collect all informations, found out over the history of the Godt family, which started at about the year1550 and has many interesting informations.

In the moment You’ll find there the history book written and collected by Evan Godt, which tells You many things about the roots of our family.

The next projects I‘m working on are the ancestor list of John Godt an the History book of Earl Wayne Godt II. In the moment I’m doing the transformation of this documents to the HTML code.

You will get messages if I put new sides into our homepage.

This homepage shall be open for everyone of You to share all informations, which are interesting for us. Everyone of You is invited to look into our family homepage, and I will be very glad, if many of You want to take part in filling up the page with informations. There is enough space to put informations in. If anyone wants to put his personal pages in or wants to have a link to his/her page, please contact me.

I and all others, doing the collection of informations will be very glad, if You are interested to read this informations. And we are more very glad, if You will help us, make the great family puzzle better. We know that their are some members, who are not interested in the history of the family but we beg them, to give us at minimum the basis informations ( names, main living dates ) of them and their own family members, so that we are able to continue the work.

Although perhaps You are not interested, perhaps Your children or your next generations are interested in the history of their family and will be glad to find informations, which show them, where they come from.

It is an easy work to give us the actual informations, but it is more difficult to find this informations later.

We know that this work will never end and it will very difficult to find out all the missing informations, but we want to keep the ancestor history as good as possible.

The good thing of this new medium internet is, that it is more easy now to keep contact between people all over the world and we are able to work on our family homepage from everywhere.

Please help us, who are very active in doing collecting informations about our family by giving us as most informations as possible.

If You know more members of the Godt family having an email than You will find in the following list, please tell us their names and their email addresses.

If You know others, who right now don’t have an email address, please tell us their address, so we are able to send them these informations by normal mail.

Perhaps You like to have a more personal email address like for example yourrname@Godt.de please contact me. You will find more informations about this on the homepage.

For now I want to finish this email and I hope to get many replys from You.

I wish You Merry Christmas and a happy NEW Year 2000.

Hans-Juergen Godt

Alter Schulweg 15
D-38527 Meine-Wedesbuettel

Telefon: +49-5304-930495
Fax: +49-5304-930496
Mobile +49-171-3253757

Email: Hans-Juergen@Godt.de