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Prof. Dr. Adelheid Godt  Weiteres/More

Barbara M. Godt
King George International College


Birgitta Godt, D

Dr. Chresten Godt, D Weiteres/More: 1

Dr. Christiane & Dr. Peter Godt, D-Kiel

Christine Godt, D  Weiteres/More: 3

Dorothea Godt, CAN

Eberhard Godt, D

Frank Godt, D Weiteres/More: 1

Gabriela Godt, D

Gerd Godt, (Grell), D-Kaltenkirchen

Hans-Juergen Godt, D-Meine

Heidi Godt, USA Weitere/More: 1 2 4 5 8 10 11 12

Jens Peter Godt Vejr, DK

John Grover Godt, USA-Dixon

Julius Godt, D

Jürgen Godt, D

Mathias Godt

Miguel Clüsener Godt ---> Weitere/More

Thomas Godt, D-Guetersloh

Dr. Ulrich Godt, D

Ursula Godt, D

Restaurant Godt, Copenhagen, DK

If anyone else want to be listed here, please contact me.

The same is requested, if there are any correction is to be made.



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